Founded in 1961 and based in central Ohio, our success is supported by an extensive list of noteworthy projects and professional references.

Site Development Projects


Hilltop Senior Village
Columbus, Ohio

This project involved the construction of a senior housing facility that has 200 residential units and associated parking lots, drainage, and utilities. Our firm was the consultant for the design of drainage, grading, sanitary sewer and site layout for the project.

New Albany Episcopal Church
New Albany, Ohio

Pomeroy provided civil engineering and surveying services for the site design of a new 8.2 acre church complex. The project involved the construction of new buildings, parking lot, athletic fields, driveways and other associated site improvements. Our services included the design for drainage, site grading, utilities, parking lots, driveways, athletic fields, a stream crossing, etc.

Gateway Business Park
Grove City, Ohio

Pomeroy provided a for topographic and boundary survey and engineering design of streets, storm sewers, waterlines and sanitary sewers and the design of site work for office/warehouse facilities. The project was located on 28 acres of land in Grove City.


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Land Surveying Projects


Hidden Run Landing
Columbus, Ohio

Pomeroy provided professional surveying services for the preparation of a 12.7 acre ALTA and topographic survey. The survey included review of a land title policy and plotting easements on the plan. The topographic survey included all utility line locations and determination of the flood plain location according to FEMA flood insurance rate maps.

Ashton Crossing Subdivision Preliminary
Plat & Survey
Ashville, Ohio

Pomeroy provided surveying services for annexation, rezoning, preparation of a conceptual site with utility layout, and preliminary plat for a 77 acre, 200 single family lot, subdivision development. Other services included preparing preliminary utility and storm water management design and coordinating approvals with the Village of Ashville and Pickaway County.


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Construction Staking Projects


New Albany Middle School
New Albany, Ohio

Pomeroy provided construction surveying services for the construction of a new middle school building located at the intersection of Fodor Road and S.R. 161 in New Albany, Ohio.

OSERS Broad Street Building
and Parking Garage
Columbus, Ohio

Pomeroy provided construction surveying services for the construction of a new 200,000 square foot, 10 story office building and parking garage located at Broad and Grant Streets for the Ohio School Employees Retirement System. Services included providing all site controls, staking for all site improvements, building foundation staking, anchor bolt verification survey, building column staking and setting controls on all floors.


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Transportation Projects


Taylor Road and Taylor Station Road Improvement Project
Franklin County, Ohio

Pomeroy & Associates, Ltd. surveyed the project site and prepared design plans for the widening and reconstruction of 3,500' of Taylor Road, 1,900' of Taylor Station Road and the Taylor Station Road signalized intersection. Our services included the design of new wider roadway, storm sewer, right-of-way and preparation of plans to maintain traffic during construction. Surveying services included the preparation of topographic and right-of-way surveys and preparation of right-of-way plans and descriptions.

FAY-41-16.50 State Bridge Replacement Fayette County, Ohio

Project located on State Route 41 over Paint Creek near Washington Court House in Fayette County. Pomeroy provided engineering and surveying services concerning the design of road widening and bridge replacement for a 725' long project. Prepared the design for a 172' long three span steel beam bridge with composite concrete deck and integral abutments.

GUE-146-3.66 State Bridge Replacement and Roadway Realignment
Guernsey County, Ohio

Project located on State Route 146 over the CSX Railroad in Guernsey County. Pomeroy provided engineering and surveying services for roadway realignment, right-of-way and bridge replacement for a 2500' long project. Designed a three span 156' long steel beam bridge with concrete deck and integral abutments with tee type piers.

Henry Street Pedestrian Path
Delaware, Ohio

  • Pomeroy provided surveying and civil engineering services for the design of a new 5,700' long pedestrian path along Henry Street. The project also involved the construction of a new curb and associated storm sewer along Henry Street. Our services included the preparation of a field survey of the project site, right-of-way plans, environmental services and preparation of design plans for the pedestrian path, new curbs and storm sewers.


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Municipal Projects


Plan Review Services
Delaware, Ohio

Pomeroy provided services for the review of engineering design plans for the construction of streets, sewers, waterlines, drainage, etc. associated with new residential subdivision and commercial development projects.

Schwans Sales Enterprises, Inc
Obetz, Ohio

Pomeroy provided construction inspection services concerning erosion and sediment control devices on an existing construction site. Prepared Ohio EPA erosion and sediment control report.



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Storm Water Projects


Town Run Ditch Detention Basin/Storm Sewer Improvement Project
Marysville, Ohio

Pomeroy provided service that included the investigation of existing flooding and the preparation of preliminary and final designs for a detention basin and storm sewer improvements to alleviate flooding south of downtown Marysville. The project also included the design of a bridge replacement structure under Milford Road.

Section Line Road Ditch Realignment
Delaware County, Ohio

Consultant for the design of a stream relocation project that involved the design of a 11,000 foot long ditch located along Section Line Road that discharges into the Scioto River. Services included coordination with the Corps and EPA for permitting, Natural Channel Design, design of a major energy dissipater, the design of two major culvert roadway crossings and coordination with the county and other review agencies.


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Water Distribution Projects


Army Reserve Center Water Main Replacement
Whitehall, Ohio

Pomeroy provided civil engineering and surveying services to survey an existing 18 acre Army Reserve Center and prepared the design plans for 2,170' of water mains. Our services included the preparation of a topographic survey of the existing property including the location of underground utilities and the preparation of design plans to replace existing deteriorated waterlines. Our services also included locating existing water services and valves and preparing a waterline construction phasing plan to minimize interruptions

East Columbus Area Water Main Improvement Project
Columbus, Ohio

Pomeroy provided surveying and engineering services for the design of various water mains improvements throughout the east side of Columbus. The project involved 12,000 feet of water mains improvements. Services included designing new water mains and abandoning existing and transferring existing services to new and existing water mains.


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Wastewater Collection Projects


Portage Grove Area CIP 700 Sanitary Sewer Assessment Project
Columbus, Ohio

Consultant for the design of about 4,600' of sanitary sewer to serve an existing residential neighborhood in the Portage Grove area. The existing lots were currently served by on-site sewage disposal systems. Our services involved providing a topographic survey, preparing a design report that evaluated various alternatives, preparing detailed design plans, preparing easements, preparing bid documents and providing engineering services during construction.

Broad Meadows Area CIP 674 Sanitary Sewer Improvement Project
Columbus, Ohio

Consultant for cleaning and televising 19,600' of sanitary sewer pipe, inspecting 18 manholes, evaluating sewer for structural deficiencies and inflow/infiltration problems, recommending improvements, and preparing a technical design report for proposed improvements. Services include preparing sanitary sewer rehabilitations/improvements construction plan for about 9,800' of sewer including any point-repair for structurally deficient pipe, and resolve grading problems causing stormwater runoff to access sanitary sewer system.


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