Pomeroy & Associates, Ltd. has experienced surveying personnel that are equipped with state-of-the-art surveying equipment that includes one-man robotic total stations and global positioning instruments.

Our Services Include:

• ALTA/ACSM Surveys
• Boundary Surveys
• Annexation Surveying
• Easement Preparation
• As-Built Surveys
• Right-of-Way Plans
• Topographic Mapping & Surveying
• Subdivision Platting
• Condominium Documents
• FEMA Surveys
• Elevation Surveys
• Aerial Control Surveying
• Wetland Surveys
• GPS Control Surveys
• Annexation Surveys
• Lot Split Surveys
• Zoning Exhibits


Six Acre Boundary Survey
6046 Taylor Road
Gahanna, Ohio

Our firm provided professional surveying services for the preparation of a 6 acre boundary survey, legal description and plat. The boundary survey included setting monuments on site at all boundary corners, replacing missing monuments and preparation of survey documents according to County Standards.

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