Pomeroy & Associates, Ltd. provides professionals with extensive experience and expertise in the field of sanitary sewerage systems.

Our Services Include:

• Delineation of Tributary Boundary Areas for Sanitary Sewer    Systems
• Sanitary Sewer Design and Evaluation
• Sewerage Pump Station Design and Evaluation
• Force Main Design
• Preparation of Construction Drawings, Specifications and Bid    Documents
• Preparation of Project Cost Estimates
• Collection System Modeling
• Septic / Leach Field Design
• Evapo-Mound System Design
• Review of Shop Drawings and Related Engineering Services    During Construction
• Ohio EPA and Other Regulatory Agency Permits
• Collection System Rehabilitation Assessment and Design


Livingston Avenue Sanitary Sewer Improvement Project, CIP 635
Columbus, Ohio

Consultant for the design of about 5,900' of sanitary sewer improvements that included the rehabilitation of 2,900' of 8" and 12" VCP using cured-in-place-pipe and 2,960' of sanitary sewer replacement of existing 8" to 15" VCP with new 8" to 15" diameter sanitary sewer.

Our services included the preparation of a topographic survey, engineering design report that evaluated repair alternatives, preparation of design plans and providing services during bidding.

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